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Pricing Policy

Value is at the heart of our services

As a provider of high quality bespoke legal services, IDLP are committed to the principles of Price Transparency.

We address this as follows:


By clicking on the “Get In Touch” button you may care to give a brief description of the nature of your inquiry, following which we will let you know whether we undertake work of that kind and, where we do, provide you with an indicative basis upon which fees for that kind of work are likely to be charged.


Where we are instructed in a matter, our policy is to provide our client with a quotation contained in a letter of engagement in which we explain and outline the work that is to be carried out, who will carry out the work and the basis upon which we propose to charge for it.


In our commitment to provide best value for our services we are frequently prepared to offer a free initial consultation and we seek, where possible, to carry out our services for a fixed fee, failing which one where ongoing work has a capped value. Please also note that we do not engage in legal aid or criminal work.

It must be appreciated that, precisely because no two clients are the same or have identical needs, it is important that the value of our work should be appropriately rewarded. What is appropriate may differ widely from case to case. The level of reward will customarily reflect one or more of a number of variable factors which may be relevant in a given situation. These factors include the urgency with which a piece of work has to be carried out as well as its importance to the client. Other factors may include value, complexity, novelty, difficulty and, of course, time expected to be spent.


As an integral part of their service solicitors frequently have to expend moneys on behalf of clients for a variety of purposes. Such expenditure may be in settling official dues, such as court or registration dues, or in obtaining reports and accessing other essential services. It may also include payment of tax or one kind or another. Such disbursements are in no sense fees payable for the services provided by the solicitor.